The Regina Horticultural Society Inc.

Let's Get Growing

Open to all horticultural enthusiasts from the new to the seasoned, the RHS is a place for avid growers in Regina to come together to learn, share and interact.

The RHS is governed by a volunteer board of directors, comprised of RHS members who strive to provide direction and leadership, providing quality programming to the membership. As a non-profit entity, the RHS is governed by by-laws and statutes that complement and enable the Board of Directors to deliver on the RHS mandate. The mandate of the RHS is to promote horticulture education, gardening activity and community. We do so my hosting both educational and social events, providing grants for community gardens, participating in local festivals and seed exchanges, and more. The RHS is open to any individual of any age to participate in – all horticulture enthusiasts of all skill levels are welcome! For a full list of membership categories and benefits, please visit our Membership page.

Upcoming Events

February 25 2021


What is new with lilies? Need to learn more about these zone 3 powerhouses? Join us to learn how to grow, use in your yard - even how to divide them! This session will be offered virtually - free! Registration is required.

March 25, 2021

Low Maintenance Yards & Gardens

Gardens and yard do not have to be a part (or full!) time job to be beautiful. Join the RHS to learn how you can have a garden or yard to be proud of.