I bought a small home with a double-lot over 20 years ago for the dirt in the back yard! It’s “truly organic” for 63 years, since the prairie sod was turned!

I am an enthusiastic food grower (for reasons of self-sufficiency, preserves, satisfaction and pure freshness) and an avid flower gardener with 20 beds! The backyard beehive flourishes with all these healthy flowers and food crops, with a safe nectar-source for them, pollination and honey/wax for us!

I am never so happy, content and calm as when my hands are busy in the rich composted dirt. I experiment each year/ season with how many flowers I can coax out of each foot of soil. I thrill to an absolute riot of colors, the more shades and shapes the better! I delight in unusual, up-cycling of items everywhere –ceramic toilet tanks and bowls instead of store-bought pots, supporting ladders and bed-frames, movie-props and wooden fences framing the new front-yard stream. I anticipate standing on the bridge to view many dozens of 3-6 foot specialty lilies! This spring, I anticipate raised beds garden plots in the front yard opposite the stream.

My yard changes every year! Two years ago RHS members had a ‘walk-about’; it’s been featured in the QC magazine, toured by other horticultural societies and live-streamed globally to share my personal passion. I hope gardening is what brings you peace, creativity, joy, beauty, communion, pride, exercise, sustenance, healthy tasty crops and great pleasure – as it does me.