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Regina Horticultural Society

The Regina Horticultural Society (RHS) is a charitable, not-for-profit membership organization founded in 1928. We promote horticulture education, gardening activity and community. Membership driven, the RHS provides a place where all “greening” enthusiasts from novice gardeners to experienced horticulturists, and purely-for-pleasure observers can pursue their horticultural interests.

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Our Leadership
Board of Directors

The RHS is governed and led by a volunteer board of directors, comprised of RHS members who strive diligently to provide direction and leadership, providing quality programming, for the direct benefit of the membership.

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As a non-profit entity, the RHS is governed by by-laws and governance statutes that complement and enable the Board of Directors to deliver on the RHS mandate. Our by-laws govern our organizational behavior and foster an open and transparent environment upon which our mandate is achieved.

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Meet the Leadership

Our Team

Jill Vaisey

Jill’s passion for gardening shows in her backyard vegetable oasis that extends up and away with trellised beans, squash and cucumbers.

Denise Mlazgar
Past President

Denise’s obsession with gardening, for the last 30 years, can be seen in her substantial flower garden and raised beds. She has been a part of the RHS directorship, in various capacities, for over 8 years.

Conrad Schultz
Vice President

Conrad has happily added cold-climate gardening to his list of interests which include fungi, worms, permaculture and beekeeping.

Jacqui Dumont
Special Events

Jacqui inherited her love for gardening from her mother and grandmother. She has been gardening for so long that there must be chlorophyll in her blood!

Helen Stoppler
Director of Food Services

Helen is pleased to join the RHS board this year as the Food Services Director.

Brienne Bennett

Brie has a zest for life that is fueled by her passion for gardening, composting, permaculture, reducing waste, and environmental education.

Yvonne Casson

Formerly the RHS Food Services Director, Yvonne has taken on the education portfolio for the society.

Linda Hecker

Linda’s horticultural passion comes alive in her acreage originally summerfallow, now filled with a plethora of perennials, annuals, trees and shrubs in garden sanctuary.

Ken MacDonald
Director at Large

Ken’s green passion extends well beyond the Riders, often starting and tending plants starting in January.

Mary Jane Marcia

Mary Jane encourages anyone who loves gardening like she does to become a member of RHS to learn more and interact with others who feel the same way.

Pat Dean

Pat’s interest in gardening can be attribited to grandparents and parents who had a love of nature, flowers and wholesome food. Pat can often be heard saying “There’s not a flower or vegetable I don’t like.”

Lisa Tam-Eng

Novice and passionate gardener who appreciate the circle of life as seen in the gardening world.

Sandra Shiels
Special Advisor

As an experienced gardener and horticultural enthusiast, Sandra shares her expansive knowledge, not only with the board, but also through her educational sessions presented to RHS members.

Bernie Zaharik
Special Advisor

As a pottery artist, Bernie’s artistic flair extends to the outside with a variety of gardening interests, including a long standing devotion for all things roses.

Our Sponsors

The RHS would not be possible without the support of our tremendous sponsor partners. We are grateful for their support and encourage all of our members to support their businesses. The RHS offers sponsors a dedicated marketing channel reaching over 500 local gardening enthusiasts, aligned with your target customer base. There is a compelling business case for supporting our society. We consistently deliver a targeted audience of avid gardeners and gardening lifestyle enthusiasts. That directly translates to new customers for you. When you support the Regina Horticultural Society, you further our common goal of growing the gardening community and adopting a gardening for life philosophy.

In Review
Annual Reports

Each year, the Regina Horticultural Society holds an Annual General Meeting, sharing the fiscal results and accomplishments of the Society with its members. The RHS is pleased to provide those reports for our members and interested members of the public.

Let’s Get Growing

“Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them”

A.A Milne
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