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Harold Weiss

If it grows, it’s likely Dr. Harold Weiss has tried it. Harold, a dentist by profession, gardens on a semi-pied corner lot in Regina. The property isn’t massive, but the volume of fruits and vegetables it produces is. And not all of them are the usual, everyday varieties. Harold likes to experiment. And if growing something special requires a specific microclimate or soil amendment, Harold will see to it that it is provided.

Take the space in the front yard, under a line of spruce trees. One doesn’t normally expect to find sandy soil beneath evergreens, but Harold knew something had to be done with the sheer clay that was leftover when the topsoil was stripped away during construction of the house. He trucked in enough sand to amend the soil to a depth of at least one inch (31 cm). The daylilies, ferns, bergenia, and Japanese spurge growing there are grateful for his forethought.

Japanese spurge, or Pachysandra terminalis, is one of the unusual plants Harold has tested and found to be adaptable to Regina’s challenging prairie climate. A member of the boxwood family, Japanese spurge is a vigorous spreader that keeps its green leaves all winter long. “The snow packs it down and you think it’s dead in the spring,” Harold remarks, “but then it absorbs the moisture and come on again.” Japanese spurge blooms with white starburst flowers.

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