Senior Membership



Membership Benefits include:

Monthly Educational Events: (except July & August)

- No admission to attend, featuring keynote speakers, covering a variety of horticultural topics.

- Door prizes drawn at each meeting.

- Socializing and refreshments following the presentation.

Annual Plant Sale:

- Members contribute hardy and locally grown plants, balance provided by local greenhouses.

Annual Garden Festival:

- Event allows members to display their fruit, vegetables or flowers in a public display that is not juried.

- An opportunity to introduce new plants and material to our area.

- Skilled gardeners man the display and field questions.

- It is a forum for both members and the public to share information, knowledge and experiences in horticulture.

Annual tour:

- "members only" garden tour allows you to visit local society gardens.


- Volunteer opportunities

- Special Projects/Events and Executive Committee opportunities.

- Shopping access to Gales Wholesale, Regina

- E-mail notifications will provide you with up to date notices as well as our monthly newsletter. If you experience any difficulties please notify immediately.