Our team

  • Jill VaiseyPresident

    Jill’s passion for gardening shows in her backyard vegetable oasis that extends up and away with trellised beans, squash and cucumbers.

  • Denise MlazgarPast President

    Denise’s obsession with gardening, for the last 30 years, can be seen in her substantial flower garden and raised beds. She has been a part of the RHS directorship, in various capacities, for over 8 years.

  • Conrad SchultzVice President

    Conrad has happily added cold-climate gardening to his list of interests which include fungi, worms, permaculture and beekeeping.

  • Val CravensSpecial Events
  • Brienne BennettCommunications

    Brie has a zest for life that is fueled by her passion for gardening, composting, permaculture, reducing waste, and environmental education.

  • Yvonne CassonEducation

    Formerly the RHS Food Services Director, Yvonne has taken on the education portfolio for the society.

  • Ken MacDonaldDirector at Large

    Ken’s green passion extends well beyond the Riders, often starting and tending plants starting in January.

  • Kathie McFarlandDirector at Large (Grants)
  • Mary Jane MarciaMembership

    Mary Jane encourages anyone who loves gardening like she does to become a member of RHS to learn more and interact with others who feel the same way.

  • Pat DeanTreasurer

    Pat’s interest in gardening can be attribited to grandparents and parents who had a love of nature, flowers and wholesome food. Pat can often be heard saying “There’s not a flower or vegetable I don’t like.”

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