Contribute. Mentor. Gain New Skills. Make New Connections.

Your skills can be beneficial to a non-profit organization like the RHS. Volunteering is a great way to mentor and contribute skills and knowledge to others but also to learn new skills, foster new relationships and networking, The RHS offers a variety of volunteer opportunities from participating as a Board member, special projects, and presenting at educational events or workshops.

We have a number of things you can help out with and volunteer for!

Use this formatted email button below to let us know what you would like to volunteer for; you may get a call for something else if we need people. And we sure do appreciate it! Thank you!

Volunteer Spots

  • Seedy Saturday
  • Spring Plant Sale
  • Walk Galk and Talk Tour
  • Fall Garden Festival
  • G.R.I.N.
  • Work Shops or Special Events
  • Media
  • Board Member
  • and more!
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